Duty Allocation

B.Ed. Duty Allocation

Sem – I (2015-16)

Courses Subject Name Of the Teacher Educators
Course I Childhood And Growing up Shri. N.M. Pachpute
Course II Contemprorary India And Eduction Dr. R.G. Dhokane
Course III Section I : Pedagogy of School Subject
Marathi Smt. A.A. Bhople
English Shri. J.S. Shinde
Hindi Dr. A.N. Mishra
History Shri. J.S. Bharati
Geography - -
Science Smt. V.N. Kolhe
Maths Shri. V.S. Lagashetty
Section II: Understanding Diciplines & School Subject Shri. R.N.Mahale & Shri. N.K. Gadhe
EPC I EPC 1 : Reding & Reflacting The Texts Module 1- Undersatnding Text & Reading Unit 1- Text & reading Dr. R.G. Dhokane & Smt.V.N. Kolhe
Unit 2 – Text And Reflection Smt. A.A. Bhople & Dr. A.N.Mishra
Module 2- Reflective Reading & Writting Unit 3- Expressive Reflection Shri. N.M. Pachpute & Shri. J.S. Bharati
Unit 4- Reading Beyond Text Shri. J. S.Shinde & Shri. V.S. Lagashetty


Sem II

Course Subject Name Of the Teacher Educators
Course IV Knowledge & Curriculum Shri. R.G. Dhokane & Shri. J.S. Shinde
Course V Learning & Teaching Smt. V.N. Kolhe & Shri. R.N. Mahale
Course VI Assessment For Learning Smt. A.A. Bhople & Shri. N.M. Pachpute
EPC-2 Drama & Art In Education Smt. Madhumati Pawar (Guest Faculty)

Sem II- Practicum

Critical analysis of an Educational Film Shri. R.N. Mahale & Shri. N.M. Pachpute

M.Ed. Duty Allocation

Sem – I (2015-16)

Course Subject Name Of the Teacher Educators
Course I Psychology of Learning & Devlopment Smt. V.N. Kolhe & Dr. Rashida Kapadiya (Guest Lecturer)
Course II Education Studies Dr.A.N.Mishra & Dr.N.K.Gadhe
Course III Sociology of Education Dr. Atulkumar Shirsaath & Smt. A.A. Bhople
Tool Course I Introduction to Research Methods Dr.V.D. Zankar & Dr.A.N.Mishra
Tool Course II Communication & Expository Writing Dr.Rashida Kapadiya (Guest Lecturer)
Tool Course III Self Development Smt. V.N. Kolhe & Shri.V.S.Lagshetty

M.Ed. Duty Allocation

Sem – II (2015-16)

Course Subject Name Of the Teacher Educators
Course IV Philosophy of Education Dr.V.D. Zankar & Dr.A.N.Mishra
Course V Curriculum Studies Dr.N.K. Gadhe & Smt. V.N. Kolhe
Course VI History, Politics & Economics of Education Dr.Atulkumar Shirsaath
Course I Teacher Education Pre-Service Teacher Education & Perspectives Shri.Nilesh Pachpute

Different Committees

Sr. No. Name of the Committeesb Members
01 Practice Teaching Committee Dr.V.D. Zankar Mrs.A.A. Bhople Dr.R.G. Dhokane Mr.N.M. Pachpute
02 Exam Committee Dr.V.D. Zankar Mrs.V.N. Kolhe Dr.N.K. Gadhe
03 Cultural/Sports Committee Dr.V.D.Zankar Mrs.V.N. Kolhe Dr.N.K. Gadhe Shri.Ajit Chenne
04 Discipline Committee Dr.V.D. Zankar Dr.N.K. Gadhe Mr.R.N. Mahale
05 Admission Committee Dr.V.D. Zankar Dr.V.S.Lagasheety Mrs.V.N.Kolhe Mr.A.V. Shinde
06 Student Council Committee Dr.V.D. Zankar Mrs.Harshala Kamble Mrs.Vandana Mishra Mr.Sudhakar Dhokane
07 Library Committee Dr.V.D. Zankar Dr.V.S.Lagashetty Mrs.V.N.Kolhe Mr.P.D. Sonule
08 Extension Work and Community Work Committee Dr.V.D.Zankar Dr.N.K. Gadhe Mr.J.S. Shinde
09 Year Planning & Time Table Committee Dr.V.D. Zankar Mrs.A.A. Bhople Mrs.V.N. Kolhe Mr.N.M. Pachpute Mr.J.S. Bharti

Portfolio Distribution

Faculty Name Portfolio Assigned
Dr.Vaishali Zankar Grievance / Redressal and All
Dr. Awadh Narain Mishra Magazine, Staff Secretary, M.Ed Head of the Dept
Mr. Veerbhushan S. Lagashetty NCTE Report, Admission process, Seminars and workshops
Mrs. Archana A. Bhople Micro Teaching Skills, Practice Teaching, Internship Student Welfare, Local Managing Committee
Mrs. Vidyullata N. Kolhe Exam, Year planning, Alumni, Research, Models of Teaching, Science Club
Mr. Ramkisan D. Dhikare Book Review, Open Book, Library, Practice Teaching, Socio – Cultural activities
Dr. Nitin Kaluram Gadhe Exam, Picnic, Notice, Circular Maintenance, Attendance
Dr. Ramkisan G. Dhokne Guidance & Counseling Cell, Placement, Community Service
Mr. Jitendra shivaji Bharati Class Tests, Sports, Placement, Ant ragging Cell, News letter and Magazine
Mr. Jayant Sampat Shinde Essays, Student Welfare, Community Service, Book Review
Mr. Santosh Subhash Sonavane Discipline, Nature Club, Alumni Association , Website Updates
Dr. Atulkumar D. Shirsath Register Process, Discipline, Placement Alumni
Mrs. Anjali G. Kirkide Social Cultural Committee, Cultural Activitie, Women Cell
Our Vision

To impart good educational, social, cultural services to the community and imbibe good Moral Values in the Society.

News & Announcements

  • 8th June 2016

    B.Ed, M.Ed College Reopens.

  • 4th July to 17th Sept 2016

    4th July to 17th Sept 2016 B.Ed Internship program at various Schools.

  • 19th July 2016

    19th July 2016, Gurupournima was celebrated on 19th July 2016. students gave speech on this occasion.

  • 15th Aug. 2016

    Chief Guest: Hon. Dr. Pankaj Veer, Secretary S.S.P.M. Mumbai.In the presence of Dr. Vaishali Zankar, Principal Gurukrupa College of Education and Reserch, Kalyan. Independence Day Was Celebrated.